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Rosary Trust is working to improve the lives of the poor in Tamil Nadu. It is running a home for 70 destitute persons who include aged and persons with different disabilities

Each inmate stays in a safer shelter. The person gets regular food and is healthy. The person gets good clothes and medicines at the time of sickness. The person is very happy and cheerful. The person is healed of the sicknesses like fever, cold, asthma, joint pains, which are common to destitute persons. The person is delivered from loneliness.

Rosary Trust keeps the home very clean and neat. It counsels every inmate and finds out about their problems and accordingly solves those problems. It does regular medical check up and keeps a record of it like their diseases, pressure etc. It gives the inmates varieties of food like rice, sambar, rasam, vegetable fries, briyanis, curd rice, lemon rice, tamarind rice, tomato rice, chicken, eggs, fish etc.

The beneficiary says that the Rosary Home for destitute is very different and special from other homes in the area. Rosary Trust admits any orphan and destitute person who has nobody to recommend for into its home. The people of the area are very much appreciative of this home and its activities.

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Adresse: Rosary Trust, 
Dalit City, K.Kailasapuram PO, Gangaikondan via, Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu 627352 India