The Kirpal Sagar portal for humanitarian Projects serves as a platform to those who actively seek to improve the living conditions of all mankind. In this way we get to know each other and to encourage those who are still looking to find their place. There are a number of worthy projects worldwide which came into being through great personal effort and an exceptional degree of selfless service.

The universal inner strength with which we do our work is one and the same for all people and it unselfishly permeates the entire creation. In this way selflessness becomes a key for unity with our inner source, which we call God.

Awakened people have always demonstrated this ideal in their practical lives. They never wanted us to worship them for it, or to create a religion (only to demarcate ourselves from our fellow human beings). They merely wanted us to implement these ideals in our lives as well as we could.

Similarly, this is also one of the basic principles for the establishment of Kirpal Sagar and is certainly the inner driving force for many of the projects that we want to accomplish here.

We look forward to using this portal, in cooperation with you, not only to set an example of the positive efforts being considered, but also to encourage others to become active as well.

Human nature is in essence selfless and loving to a large extent. If we are aware of our inner origin as souls, we naturally express this in our lives. It is in this spirit and with this hope that this portal was designed.

"As long as you live in the human body,

Give, give, give.

When you leave the body,

who will come to you,

and ask you for something? "