The Kirpal-Sagar portal for humanitarian projects (in the future called "KS portal") wants to provide a platform for all those who actively strive to improve our living conditions to introduce themselves.

This non-profit initiative of the Unity of Man - Sant Kirpal Singh e.V. is intended to serve all those who feel committed to the idea of the unity of all life.

To make access as easy as possible, a contribution can be submitted informally by e-mail or by online form (the form is currently deactivated due to the DSGVO).

The length of the contributions is entirely up to the authors. From a longer text with many pictures to a kind of digital business card with only contact data and a few key points about the job, everything is possible.

New posts initially appear on the portal's title page. As soon as more pages follow, it will remain on the overview pages under "OVERVIEW / ALL POSTS". The following categories are available for contributions (others can be added if required):

  • Medical assistance
  • Children & Education
  • Social Services
  • Interreligious dialogue
  • peace initiatives
  • development aid
  • Agriculture and food
  • protection of the environment
  • power supply

The entry in the KS-Portal is free of charge and can be revoked by both parties at any time. It runs indefinitely until it is removed or changed at the author's request, or until there are valid reasons to remove the article again.

There is no claim to publication or a certain positioning of a contribution. We check each contribution and activate it if it meets our requirements.

These specifications include:

The project presented is intended to improve people's living conditions irrespective of their religious orientation, status and ethnicity (e.g. well construction projects, health stations in remote areas, school projects, help for women, projects in organic farming and energy supply, etc.).

These projects can be supported by individuals or non-profit associations, but they can also be projects of companies that are involved in similar areas (energy supply, fair trade, organic agriculture, organic fashion labels, film projects, etc.).

Ideologically or religiously bound projects that are only available or beneficial to members of a certain group, religion, sect or creed are generally not published, since this basic attitude would contradict the idea of human unity.

The KS portal should not contain appeals for donations. Since the topic of project financing is equally valid for all, this does not need to be addressed here again and again. In addition everyone can set a left in its contribution on its own web page.

The submitted text and image material remains the property of the authors even without the specific indication of copyright notices and will not be passed on by us to third parties. However, we may have to edit articles in cooperation with the authors (e.g. due to spelling mistakes or unsuitable image sizes, etc.).

Any liability of the KS-Portal for any contestation or misuse of the published material by third parties is expressly excluded.

Each author is fully liable for his submitted material and the KS-Portal cannot be held liable for false statements or disregard of the rights of third parties in the contributions, nor for contents on the websites linked in a contribution.

Desired changes to the published articles will be implemented promptly in cooperation with the editors of the KS portal.

The contributions are currently only published in German or English. They can be submitted and published either in one language only or in both languages.

Contributions and questions can be sent to the following e-mail address:

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