In accordance with Sant Kirpal Singh’s appeal to “Be Good, Do Good, And Be One”, our primary aim is to facilitate good works and promote networking between people who work actively to improve living conditions for all people. 

Accordingly, this portal serves to bring together projects that are aimed at helping people, nature and the environment. These projects can be either individual-based or through non-profit associations and organizations. In addition, the beneficial activities of companies, such as in the field of fair trade, organic farming or decentralized energy supply, are most welcome.

An example is better than tons of theories
For those who are looking for a field of activity, this portal can be a treasure trove of possible activities. Some might find like-minded people nearby and others will receive valuable inspiration and useful contacts for their own projects. "An example is better than tons of theories". In this way we are able to support each other.

There are a wide variety of possible endeavors that can be addressed, ranging from medical assistance in developing countries or crisis areas, to interreligious dialogue, to initiatives on energy supply.

Getting Started
Those who decide to participate through our portal with their own projects, will receive a free web page where they can introduce their work. Please find the detailed project entry requirements under the points: “Fundamentals”, and “Implementation”.

The model for this portal - the Unity of Man Conferences - were held first time in February 1974, under the leadership of Sant Kirpal Singh. Soon afterwards, Sant Kirpal Singh launched the Kirpal Sagar, showing how a peaceful coexistence among people was possible and how meeting the demands of the new era by means of high ideals and selfless attitude could bring forth exemplary projects reflecting the same spirit - a spirit of mutual respect, loving support and responsible thinking towards creation.

It is now a good time to gather in this spirit and work together, above and beyond our current sphere of activities, so that a comprehensive change may be brought about. It is for this reason that this portal was designed; a small contribution towards a worthy goal.

Category - Medical Help

AIC – Health Outreach Program (Since 2007)

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The Health Outreach Program of the Ashraya Initiative for Children (AIC) works more broadly at the familial and community level and addresses the issues that force children onto the streets in the first place.


Kirpal Charitable Hospital

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Sant Kirpal Singh whole-heartedly wished to help needy people with medical care. Thus the hospital became the first facility within the project taking up its function in 1983.

Category - Social Services

Vicky Tam Lin

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An adopted youth got into drugs. I saw the horror of it. So on September 21, 2015, my husband and I started to gather the youth in our neighborhood in Mahunig, Gasan, Marinduque. I do not want to just pass this life without getting any real conversation with the youth in our own neighborhood in my hometown.


AIC – Community Outreach Program (since 2008)

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The Community Outreach Program of the Ashraya Initiative for Children (AIC) supports ongoing intervention efforts to resolve core problems associated with poverty in our community.


Rosary Trust - Tamil Nadu, India

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Rosary Trust is working to improve the lives of the poor in Tamil Nadu. It is running a home for 70 destitute persons who include aged and persons with different disabilities