1. Information Collection: The process to implement projects on the Portal begins with the collection of addresses of people and projects that stand out because of their exemplary nature. We then correspond with these individuals and invite them to join the Kirpal Sagar Online Portal.
  2. Information Submission: In order to make access as easy as possible, you can submit your contribution simply by e-mail. It would be appreciated if you could also write something about your background, motives and experiences in connection with your project. Any additional information you include helps us to understand and match the project more easily. However, if you have no time to write a longer text, a digital business card with your contact information including keywords about your work would also do.
  3. This portal should not contain calls for donations. Since project financing is equally valid for all proposees, there is no need for it to be addressed repeatedly on each page. The most efficient way to address financing is to place a link at the end of your article referring back to your own web page. Initially, your written contributions will appear on the front page of the portal. When new partners join, your written contribution will now be found found on the overview pages under the item "Overview / all articles".
  4. Choice of Categories: As of right now, one has the choice of the following categories to work on (further categories may be added if needed):

Medical help
Social services
Interreligious dialogue
Peace Initiatives
Development aid
Agriculture and food
Environmental protection
Energy supply

  • The entry in our portal is free and you may revoke your entry at anytime. 
  • Articles are published only in German or English at this time.
  • At present there are still a lot of placeholder-texts / images, which are will gradually be replaced by the projects of our upcoming partners.
  • Please send your contributions (articles) and questions to the following email address: portal@kirpal-sagar.org or use our application form.

We look forward to a fruitful and inspiring cooperation with all participants.