Unity of Man reminds us how we can find our ancient spiritual heritage within ourselves again, enabling us to learn about the underlying unity.
This makes us aware of our own greatness and allows us, actually, to see the One Power working behind the wide-ranging manifestations and live in this awareness accordingly. In this way we obtain an unshakable foundation on the basis of human values by means of our help, compassion and empathy.


Abstract of the Presidential Address by Sant Kirpal Singh
World Conference on Unity of Man
3 – 6 February 1974, Delhi, India

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Dear brothers and sisters,
I am happy to greet you all, who have gathered here from all over the world. In this momentous session we have to explore and find out ways and means to cement and strengthen the solidarity of mankind. Nations, like individuals, are swayed by passions, prides and prejudices which create chasms in the real social order which are very often difficult to span. We are living in an age of decadence, when moral and spiritual values are at their lowest ebb. With all these drawbacks and the numerous divisive tendencies, there is still a ray of hope of regeneration and re-orientation. This very hope has brought us together. I thank you all for the loving response to the call for remodelling of our destiny to secure a lasting peace.

Address by Sant Kirpal Singh to the Ninth General Session of UNESCO, held in New Delhi India, 1956

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Mr. President, Delegates, Leaders, and Friends,

It is a happy event to meet the distinguished delegates and members of the different countries of the world who have come to discuss plans and demonstrate universal brotherhood in action, in the spirit of peace and loving kindness for all the world. I have love for God and for all humanity. Fully knowing that men and women of high attainments are present here, I venture to speak to you frankly what strikes my mind on the subject which is a main objective before us: namely, Peace of the World.

Man does not live by bread alone. He has to live on the Bread of life. He is a conscious being and has to know himself to live on God consciousness. Man is a conscious entity which expresses itself through mind and physical body. Unless he is liberated from bondage of mind and matter, he cannot have knowledge of self and of God. If his mind is turned to the physical body and its needs, he becomes earthly. The inevitable result is jealousies and strifes. But if it is directed toward soul, he becomes spiritual; the result will be love and peace.