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An adopted youth got into drugs. I saw the horror of it. So on September 21, 2015, my husband and I started to gather the youth in our neighborhood in Mahunig, Gasan, Marinduque. I do not want to just pass this life without getting any real conversation with the youth in our own neighborhood in my hometown.

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The Kirpal Harbhajan (KH) Public School starts with two Kindergarden classes, followed by 8 elementary classes..

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For a small group of orphaned and abandoned children, the Residential Program of the Ashraya Initiative for Children (AIC) arranges for boarding school education at nearby residential schools.

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The Kirpal Sagar Academy is a state-recognized private school. Students from poor families receive scholarships.

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The Education Outreach Program of the Ashraya Initiative for Children (AIC) directly supports over 200 children through their primary and secondary education. We have our very own AIC-Nursery and an AIC-Kindergarten.