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An adopted youth got into drugs. I saw the horror of it. So on September 21, 2015, my husband and I started to gather the youth in our neighborhood in Mahunig, Gasan, Marinduque. I do not want to just pass this life without getting any real conversation with the youth in our own neighborhood in my hometown.

I believe that many parents does not even know how to reach out to their own children these days. We organize prayer meetings and talks, we invite them to our house, parents and children. I gave a talk too, and I guess, I also need to be trained when it comes to public speaking. 

My desire to serve our community by taking care of our youth has become my candle light. It gives me reason to live.

Something to look forward to year after year. 

Our activities are on a limited time only during the months of December, April and May. This is during school vacation only. 

At this time of year, we have started buying gifts for the children who will come over to our residence this December 25, 2016. We are expecting a bigger crowd, ages of children are from 6mos onward.

Grandmothers are coming too, asking for cash gift or rice, or anything gift-wrapped. 

Thanks to Father God, He has given me more than enough to feed my small family, but not enough to feed extended families.

This is my 2nd year attempting to seek sponsors or donees of cash gifts or anything that can be used by school children, and our old folks. I really hope you can include our neighborhood in your project this year. If medical mission is sent here, that would be great. We only have 1 doctor in our town. He is a private doctor, and does not want to work in the afternoons.

Vicky Tam Lin
+63 917 308 5575

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