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Sant Kirpal Singh whole-heartedly wished to help needy people with medical care. Thus the hospital became the first facility within the project taking up its function in 1983.

Homeopathic, ayurvedic and naturopathic therapies complement the academic medicine`s approach. Poor people receive free medical treatment and medicine at the hospital.

Per year about 20.000 patients are treated, the majority of them as outpatients. Remote villages are covered by the ambulance, collecting patients at central gathering points, such as schools. People who otherwise would not have a chance to see a doctor, get medical assistance.

From time to time medical specialists perform operations at the hospital.

An emergency room provides first aid. ECG, lab, X-Ray, even a respirator is provided there. Patients with a kidney failure are supported since 2013. The hospital's medical store supplies medicine for outpatients, too.

An exchange of medical doctors, nursing staff and medical scholars is planned. The hospital will be part of the future Medical College cum College of Nursing Sciences.

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