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Please fill in this form if you want to participate in the Kirpa-Sagar-Portal. Participation is free and revocable at any time.

Please send the form now to the Kirpal-Sagar-Online-Portal. You will then receive a confirmation e-mail of the receipt of your written contribution.

For activating it we need a picture in the size of 870 px × 350 px (or any larger size, which can be downscaled) for the header of your contribution (text or digital card). Additionally, you can send more photos in a width of 250 px (or larger) if you want. 

Please kindly send these images with unambiguous designations (e.g. your e-mail address or name of the project + consecutive numbers) to this e-mail address:

Then the activation of your contribution and images will follow for which we ask you to let us have a few days time. If there are any questions left, we will contact you by phone or via e-mail.